Over the past 12 or so months there's been a lot of chatter bubbling up about an upcoming Jeep flagship. Rumored to be called the Grand Wagoneer, it would be a super luxury sport-utility vehicle with seating for seven.

With the all-new Lincoln Navigator starting to move units and the upcoming BMW X7 on the way, it looks like everyone is joining the seven-seat party. Why wouldn't Jeep want to give it a shot?

According to Jeep's head honcho, it will be a significant step up from the Grand Cherokee. This echoes earlier rumors that the Grand Wagoneer will be priced quite high. 

If you ask us it sounds like the Grand Wagoneer will be looking to take a bite out of the Cadillac Escalade's market share. As the soccer mom vehicle of choice, there's a reason why General Motors should be looking over its shoulder. In addition, there's the Land Rover Range Rover, which is seemingly every females' dream car. 

Having said that, what does the Grand Wagoneer NEED to SUCCEED against these two VERY strong players?

Let us know in the comments below.

...“Grand Wagoneer [due in 2020] will be super premium”, he confidently states at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show. “We’ve been working on it for several years. It has a long gestation period, and will be clearly positioned significantly above Grand Cherokee.”

“But I wouldn’t say I don’t want to develop the B-and C-SUV segments. And I believe there is an opportunity to do an A-segment SUV, something smaller than Renegade. I see the signs and think that market will continue to develop..."

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What Does The Jeep Grand Wagoneer NEED To Topple The Escalade And Range Rover?

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