Teased in January 2018 and developed by Team Edison, the Mach 1 will be “a four-door Mustang SUV” of sorts according to Jim Farley, president of global markets. Just to be clear, the S550 and S650 Mustang won’t share their platforms with the Mach 1.

Developed from the get-go for complete electrification, the architecture of the newcomer is crucial to the Ford Motor Company’s all-in electric push. Arriving in 2020, the Mach 1 will be followed by five more EVs by 2022 as part of the Dearborn-based carmaker’s $11 billion investment in electric vehicle development.

Details on the Mach 1 and subsequent electric vehicles are slim, but based on the company’s committed attitude, the sins of the Focus Electric will be washed away with improved range, performance, and value. On top of that, Ford confirmed that over-the-air software updates are in the offing for its zero-emission vehicle range.

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Ford To Rebirth Mach 1 Nameplate As An Electric SUV

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