In recent years it's been made readily apparent that Jaguar Land Rover is doing its best to up the ante. With all-new trim levels that increase the luxury and high-performance variants that are the most powerful vehicles the manufacturer has ever produced, it's a bit kooky.

And I am all for it.

Range Rover doesn't have a problem moving units and, I'd argue, it's the one thing keeping JLR afloat. That's because Jaguar's business is smaller than it once was. 

Its latest product is the Velar. Slotted between the Evoque and Range Rover Sport, it's a more forward-thinking vehicle from the company. It was the first one to bring forth the digitized center stack and looks a bit more sleek than the typical boxes you expect from Land Rover. 

Of course the only way to improve upon this is to drop in the massive V8 that JLR has been putting into...well...everything. 

Spied working its way around the world famous Nurburgring, the Velar SVR looks badass. That's because it's equipped with what appears to be a larger wheel/tire package, upgraded braking, revised front clips front and back and a quad-tipped exhaust.  

We can only imagine what it sounded like. That said, are YOU looking forward to the Velar SVR or is it a PASS for you?

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SPIED: The Land Rover Range Rover Velar Just Got MUCH, Much More Badass...

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