In recent weeks, my home state of New Jersey has been battling some serious snow storms. It seems as though every week we get nailed by a storm that drops anywhere from three to 10 inches of snow.

And I thought spring was right around the corner. Well, it seems as though we're starting to see some relief and, perhaps, this white stuff is done for the season.

But, this past week we were hit again and my neighborhood saw about eight or nine inches of powder. Most people dealt with it fine; however, if you're the owner of a beige Honda Civic, you may be a bit...screwed.

That's because the owner of this vehicle left their vehicle in what appears to be a mini mall or shopping mall parking lot. And it seems that the vendor who is contracted for plowing the area couldn't care less about their vehicle.

We know this because their car is plowed in.

The vehicle is surrounded by what appears to be a 10-15-foot wall of hardened snow. Although it seems like the driver may be able to reverse out of the space by jumping the curb, I am not so sure that's a viable option.

Typically these snow boulders can take at least two weeks, if not a month, to fully dry up.

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