Here we go again!

Certain manufacturers have a knack for making a lasting impression on certain auto shows within the circuit. Over the past several years, it seems that Lincoln has made a point to make the New York Auto Show a place it makes a splash. For 2018, it may just have done it again.

New York Auto Show

That's because the 2018 show will serve as the launching pad for the all-new Lincoln Aviator. And while some commenters may have been rather dismissive of Lincoln's all-new sport-utility vehicle, boy, they gotta get a load of this all-new SUV.

Looking way sexier than the last Aviator I remember seeing — which was merely a slightly altered Ford Explorer — this all-new vehicle has way more panache.

In fact, Agent 001 and have talked about it briefly and we both think it's got the same verve as the Land Rover Range Rover Velar. That's not bad company to be associated with given that Range Rover is this must have suburban accessory.

That said, take a peek below and judge for yourself. 001 snapped some killer pics of the all-new Lincoln and we're only getting started, Spies!

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New York Auto Show

#NYIAS: Lincoln Blows The Roof OFF BEFORE The Show Starts With The All-new Aviator — BEST Real-Life Snaps HERE!

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