Since the launch of the all-new Mercedes-AMG GT4 there's been a bit of confusion. And why shouldn't there be?

After all, the three-pointed star is known to cause a bit of a fracas when it introduces all-new, overlapping products and perplexing nomenclature.

New York Auto Show

Having said that, we've been itching to see the all-new AMG since it was revealed at the Geneva Motor Show (GIMS). And while some may say "What about an AMG CLS?" we say forget about it.

Remember, this is the first AMG with four doors developed from the ground up. This thing is no joke. And, if you get a look at Agent 001's snaps from the floor, we're thinking you may start to agree.

After leafing through 001's handiwork, the only thing that came to mind was automotive pornography. This all-new AMG has it in spades.

Let us know what you think, Spies!

New York Auto Show

#NYIAS: Stormy Daniels Has NOTHING On The All-new Mercedes-AMG GT4 — Matte Black Auto PORN

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