There's some vehicles I can name off the top of my head that really have been "meh," over the years. They sell in droves but, simply put, they do absolutely nothing for me.

Sad to say, the Toyota RAV4 was one of those vehicles.

New York Auto Show

READ the press release that details the all-new Toyota RAV4 HERE!

The RAV4 has always boasted a rather femme design and the current-gen vehicle suffers from an absolutely abysmal ride. It's actually jarring over bumps. But, it appears that Toyota is turning over a new leaf.

And it sort of has to given the immense market pressure for the company to deliver products that stir feeling. That is why we're seeing the Japanese brand swing for the fences with cars like the all-new Camry and Avalon.

That said, we got our first look at the all-new RAV4 today and it's definitely not the vehicle we're used to seeing. It has a much stronger design. When we spoke with some folks today they noted it had the presence of a Jeep or the like.

But we do know that design is completely subjective. So, we turn to you, Spies. You're the tastemakers and we need YOUR feedback: What do YOU make of the all-new RAV4? Are YOU liking its all-new direction?

New York Auto Show

#NYIAS: REAL-LIFE Pics Of The All-new Toyota RAV4 Show A Much DIFFERENT Side Of This SUV — Are YOU Liking This NEW Direction?

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