When it comes to high dollar sport-utility vehicles, very few people do it as right as Land Rover. The Range Rover has become synonymous with having a certain status and, frankly, they do have great ride quality.

So, where do you go when you have the SVAutobiography in a long wheelbase?

New York Auto Show

You go even more exclusive and offer an all-new form factor. Dubbed the SV Coupe, Land Rover has reintroduced the two-door flagship. And, it'll cost you.

About $300,000, to be precise.

But is it worth it? Well, Spies, you'll have to decide. Agent 001 spent a lot of time around the vehicle to capture the essence of the Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) team's handiwork. And, I will say this: After spending a bit of my own time in and around the SV Coupe, there's something special about it.

I don't recall a two-door Range Rover since Princess Diana was seen piloting one around the countryside. For some that will be enough to justify this special build.

New York Auto Show

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