One of the NFL's biggest stars is the Carolina Panthers' Quarterback, Cam Newton. Known for his outlandish style and the fact he's always having fun playing the game, he's a bit of a fixture.

I mean, who else is doing their best Bing Crosby impression while hosting a post game press conference?

According to reports, Newton was involved in an accident with a dump truck in Atlanta. From the images we see, however, it looks like the car's fine and the athlete is seen outside of the car. Thankfully, there were no injuries on the scene.

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton was driving his $300,000 Ferrari in Atlanta on Thursday when he was involved in a collision with a dump truck.

As TMZ Sports first reported on Friday, the crash took place at 4pm, but it is unclear who was at fault.

Neither the 28-year-old NFL star nor the driver of the trash-hauling vehicle wished to file a police report, according to the Atlanta Police Department...

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NFL Super Star, Cam Newton, Involved In Crash With His Ferrari F12

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