In March, Mercedes-Benz sold more than 237,000 passenger cars for the first time in one single month (+3.9%).

The strongest-selling quarter in the company’s history was achieved (594,304 units, +6.0%).

China was the biggest growth driver in the first quarter with an increase of 17.2%.

The GLC was the best-selling SUV in the first quarter with growth in unit sales of more than 33%.

Stuttgart –Mercedes-Benz sold 237,307 cars this March, surpassing its sales record from the prior-year month by 3.9%. March was the strongest-selling month that the company has ever achieved and the past three months were the most successful quarter of all time with a total of 594,304 customers taking delivery of their car with the three-pointed star (+6.0%). Mercedes-Benz was the premium-market leader with the most registrations in March in countries including Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Russia, Switzerland, Sweden, Portugal, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Canada and Brazil.

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Mercedes-Benz's March 2018 Global Sales Rise 3.9% To Highest Monthly Total Ever On Strong China Demand

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