I think it would be pretty hard to argue against the importance of an instrument panel that is easy to read, displays valuable information and can be customized per the driver/their intention/needs. And like everything in today's world, that means instrument panels have gone digital.

No more are clusters home to analog gauges. The forefront of IP technology is going towards large-format screens that allow for anything a driver could imagine.

And like most things, some are doing it better than others.

Having said that, we wanted to poll the Spies to get their opinion. As a tech-savvy crowd, we know that you want only the best displays, so, we've got to ask:

WHO is currently making the BEST instrument panels in the automotive business today?

Is it Audi? Could it be Volvo? How about Ford? Lexus?

What say you, Spies?

CAR WARS: Tech Showdown! WHO Currently Makes The BEST Instrument Panel Today?

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