It's safe to say that Aston Martin is producing an all-new array of vehicles that are a dramatic departure from what the company used to to do. Just look at the evolution from the DB7 to the DB9 and the all-new DB11.

It's another planet when you compare it to what the company has previously done.

Although the marque has cozied up to Mercedes-Benz's AMG sub-brand, that doesn't mean it's forgotten what the British marque is all about. We know this because it's just resurrected the DBS. More specifically, it's brought back the Superleggera nameplate.

Clearly, something hardcore with a V12 is on the way. This is exciting.

Teased in this very first clip, you don't see the actual vehicle, rather you get a glimpse of its front end through something I'd consider an art installation. Except it's three dimensional.

If you're curious what Aston is up to with the upcoming DBS Superleggera the check out the teaser clip below.

Announcing the re-birth of an iconic name. A distinctive moniker, set to be proudly worn once again by Aston Martin’s flagship Super GT.

TEASED! It's Back! Aston Martin Gives Us A Taste Of The All-new DBS Superleggera...Kind Of

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