I am not so sure about you, Spies, but every time I take a look at the currently existing BMW 3-Series, I just can’t help but think it is flawed. Its exterior design is rather tired, the interior isn’t anything to write home about and the only powertrains worth having are the 330i with the four-cylinder or the M3/M4 with the forced induction six-cylinder motor.

The 320i is just too underpowered and the 340i gets so expensive when you add in options you might as well spring for the proper M car.

We’ve been keeping an eye on the latest spy shots and it appears that BMW is going to be happy to ship a 3-Series that’s undergone an evolution rather than a revolution. Expect exterior tweaks along the lines of what BMW did with the all-new 5-Series. The interior? I think it’s safe to say that we’ll see an updated design that gets a touch more luxurious, although I don’t see BMW doing anything super interesting with its tech — e.g., along the lines of what Audi’s done with its gauge clusters.

From what we’ve been told you can expect the all-new 3-Series to appear at the 2018 Paris Motor Show in the fall.

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RUMOR: The Agents Are Hearing Whispers — All-new BMW 3-Series Slated For 2018 Debut

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