The Levante hasn’t exactly been a huge success for Maserati. Since its launch in 2016, the company has had to halt production twice – shortly thereafter cutting production of the SUV by a whole 59 percent. In 2017, Maserati moved just 5,485 examples of the Levante. While the brand spices up its range-topping SUV with more options and trims in an effort to boost sales, FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne said the Levante struggled from the get go.

In an interview with MotorTrend, Marchionne spoke candidly about the the Levante, specifically its launch. He says the debut of the large luxury vehicle was to blame for its exceedingly slow start. "Very poor execution. I think we sucked at the launch of the Levante," said the CEO. Following its poor showing in 2016, and its subsequent launch in the U.S. later that same year, boss Reid Bigland was replaced by Tim Kuniskis as global head of Alfa Romeo and Maserati in February.

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Maserati Seeks To Reboot Levante SUV With A 700HP Variant

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