The Lamborghini Miura is one of those cars that makes your heart race faster. While I've seen a couple sitting at events, nothing compares to seeing one blow past me in Napa Valley as I was exiting Inglenook.

Red with gold wheels, it was something I will never forget.

While it depends on who you believe when it comes to the introduction of the first supercar, there's no question that the Miura was the first zany one. Painted in loud colors, featuring a mid-engine layout and with doors that produced horns when opened, it was anything unlike it at the time and anything that preceded it — at least from what I can think of.

And given that one of my favorite presenters recently got his hands on one, I knew I just had to share this video with you, Spies.

To me, Harry Metcalfe is the best. He's not a hooligan, he has unbelievable knowledge and, best yet, he's an owner. When he geeks out over a car, it reminds me of my friends.

That said, I'll let him get on with it and I'll stop rambling. It's a Duesy, so, buckle up.

The world's first mid-engined supercar, the Miura was created by a group of young engineers pushing the boundaries for a road car. It was stunning in 1966 and is still stunning today..

VIDEO: Harry Metcalfe Gives Us A Proper Debrief On One Of The FIRST Supercars, The Lamborghini Miura

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