Porsche is developing the most driver-focused version of its current 718 Boxster with the naturally aspirated, flat-six engine of the latest 911 GT3, instead of a more potent version of the regular car's four-pot.

The next Boxster Spyder, which will be heavily related to the 718 Cayman GT4, will use a 4.0-litre engine in place of the current hottest engine in the 718 range, the turbocharged 2.5-litre flat-four, in order to stay more closely aligned with its predecessors - which have all been hailed by enthusiasts as excellent driver's cars.

Porsche Motorsport has stuck to this formula, which has been integrated into Spyders since the special Boxster variant was introduced in 2009, to give the car an even more responsive drivetrain, with the intention of making it the most involving Boxster to go on sale yet.

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Porsche Developing A More Driver Focused Boxster Spyder Using 911 GT3 Flat Six

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