If you've been checking your portfolios and 401Ks, by now you know. It's earnings season, baby.

And, given all the hang ups with Tesla, all eyes were on the electric vehicle manufacturer. That's because it seems that TSLA just can't get out of its own way as it relates to production issues with the Model 3 sedan. Although the future of the company is predicated on the success of this particular vehicle, it seems to be a significant bottleneck that TSLA can't get around for the moment.

What should have been a gushing faucet has turned into what is essentially a trickle.

This resulted in Tesla continuing to burn cash; however, it was not as bad in Q1 as The Street's consensus would have you believe. But here's where it gets good.

On the earnings call, Tesla's CEO, Elon Musk, actually started discussing future product in form of the Model Y. Musk confirmed that when the time comes, there's no way the Y can be produced at the company's existing Fremont factory, saying:

“The Reuters report is based on nothing. We will not be starting production of Model Y next year. I would say it’s probably closer to 24 months from now… [early] 2020 is a more likely prospect,” he said.

Now, I hate to be THAT guy, but I've got to ask in all seriousness: What are the chances we won't see a Model Y at the rate TSLA is going? Musk claims there's no need for additional investment at this time but that's assuming the company meets its expectations, which it has flubbed several times now with the Model 3.

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Tesla Continues To BURN Cash But Talks Model Y On Earnings Call — What Are The Chances We Won't See The Y?

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