Now we're awfully familiar with how the purchase of a new vehicle can go wrong. We've heard the stories. We've been there.

Hell, that's why AutoSpies and DealerRater exist.

But, to be honest, there's some situations one could not even imagine. And, they tend to happen more often than one would think. Take this latest happening, for instance.

In Taiwan, the buyer of an all-new Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo put an order in for a car that featured a boatload of options in it. According to reports the buyer's assistant placed the order and there must have been a miscommunication on the options. That's because the all-new car arrived without the extras the buyer wanted.

When the dealer said they were not going to give back the man's deposit, well, you can see what happened in the video clip below...

...The car starts at a price of about £147,000 and would increase to about £184,000 with the extras he wanted. The deal was arranged with the help of his assistant, and Chu paid more than £50,000 in the form of a deposit.

But when the Porsche was shipped to the island in November, it did not have any of the optional extras he had ordered. The dealership claimed the sales contract did not include the extras, which were likely forgotten by his assistant...

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