Recently, Agent 001 and I were talking about an upcoming event for a specific product. It's a luxury sport-utility vehicle and while we both don't hate it, we were having a bit of a laugh.

That's because there's almost a guarantee that the manufacturer event will have an off-road driving portion and, frankly, there's almost a 100 percent chance that whoever buys this vehicle will NOT be taking it off the tarmac. So, why bother? What is the automaker trying to prove?

Of course our talk took a turn to a more philosophic one and soon we were discussing all of the vehicles that are on the market and don't get used to their full extent. As usual, this got me thinking.

With all the vehicles on the market today that don't get used for their intended purpose, we've got to ask: WHO owns the crown? WHICH vehicle is a fun fashion accessory more than ANY other?

Name and shame, Spies!

WHO Owns The Crown? WHICH Ride Is A FUN Fashion Accessory More Than ANY Other?

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