Tesla's CEO, Elon Musk, is worthy of praise. He's built what some would argue is the number one automotive brand in existence today. It's become the Apple of the auto world.

You can't deny the fact TSLA is a powerhouse today.

What you can criticize, however, is the company's roll out of its latest vehicle, the Model 3. And, especially if you're an investor, you can have some color commentary on how the company's latest earnings played out. For those not dialed in, TSLA reported a $784MM loss for Q1 2018. That's nearly double the loss reported 12 months ago.

Now if you're the leader of a multi-billion dollar business, you know when to take the heat and when to dish it out. At least one would suspect. Musk, on the other hand, decided to snub two Wall Street analysts as he didn't like their line of questioning, which were related to financials aspects of TSLA. Instead, he pivoted to a 20-something who hosts a YouTube-based talk show dubbed HyperChange TV. He got to ask 10 questions, which were slanted towards technology.

Since, Musk has noted that his move was not a good one but I've got to ask: Does Musk's behavior make YOU cagey about TSLA's financial future? Or, is it merely some overblown antics nurtured by the media?

What say you, Spies?

(Reuters) - Tesla Inc (TSLA.O) Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk acknowledged on Friday that it was “foolish” of him to snub analysts on a conference call earlier in the week, but further needled Wall Street with a series of accusatory tweets...

...In early-morning tweets on Friday, Musk said the two analysts he cut off - RBC Capital Markets’ Joseph Spak and Bernstein’s Toni Sacconaghi - “were trying to justify their Tesla short thesis.” ‘Shorting’ means they were betting the stock would fall, but the two have ‘hold’ or ‘neutral’ ratings on the stock, according to Thomson Reuters data.

“I should have answered their questions live. It was foolish of me to ignore them,” Musk tweeted...


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Tesla's Elon Musk Admits Being Snappy With Wall St. Analysts Was

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