As with any all-new automotive release, it's well known that auto manufacturers put their prototype vehicles through extreme testing. Some would call it, as Ford does in the clip below, "torture testing."

Essentially, the end goal is to push prototypes to their limits and explore their breaking points. That way, engineers can reevaluate and reengineer components so they don't fail prematurely when consumers push their vehicles to their ragged edges.

If you've ever wondered what exactly is involved, then look no further.

Ford produced a clip of its torture testing of its all-new, 2019 Ranger so it could prove to you it's built ford tough. It includes frigid action in Detroit, some towing in Arizona and extreme heat in Australia.

See just how far Ford pushes it in the video below.

Before making its U.S. comeback, the 2019 Ranger is being thoroughly tested in true Built Ford Tough fashion. Battling through extreme heat, frigid cold, and brutal terrain, the Ranger is always ready for an adventure.

VIDEO: Ford Gives Us An Idea Of What It's Putting The All-new, 2019 Ranger Through BEFORE It Hits Showrooms — Torture

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