Quick? What will you fuss over more? Choosing the next vehicle you'll buy or the color combo you'll choose for it?

Do you go classic or take a chance on a newer color that will either become a fan favorite in the future or be relegated to the 'what were they thinking' debate at future sightings? If you're like us, that's a discussion that could go on for a long time in your favorite watering hole or among friends in the neighborhood.

Color makes such a big difference not only because how it makes you feel when you see your baby but also for future resale.

And even after you decide, you still rehash the decision every time you see another one pass you by on the road.

So let's have that back and forth with this color I saw today in San Diego on the latest BMW M4 coupe.

The color we spied today was the individual Champagne Quartz Metallic with a gorgeous saddle style interior leather.

2018 Bimmerfest Preview Photo Gallery

As you can see from the pics, light does marvelous things to its curves and angles.

So are you a fan or a foe of this choice this customer made?

And if you were buying, which combo would you choose?

We're also going to show some of the many choices you may consider with photos below from our 2018 Bimmerfest Preview galllery which happens later this month.

2018 Bimmerfest Preview

Fan or Foe? Does This Individual BMW M Color Do It For You? Or NAH?

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