Today I was conducting a speaking engagement at my alma mater, about the automobile industry, when a thought popped into my mind. While discussing Tesla, its latest woes and what I think paves the path to a secondary offering on the markets, I said to myself: "Yeah, they'll probably make it."

Later on I started wondering: "Hm, who won't?"

There's at least several names I am thinking of that are in dire straits. And, to me, there's a good chance they're going to fold. But rather than show you my cards, I wanted to ask you, the Spies, for your picks.

Perhaps it's time we start a dead pool? Maybe fire up the death watch clock?

What say you, Spies? Which automaker do YOU think is living on borrowed time?

NAME and SHAME: Which Automaker Do YOU Think Will NOT Survive The Next 24 Months?

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