If you've been following AutoSpies this week, you'd already know that the head cheese was out in Austin driving the 2019 Hyundai Veloster. Upon his return to SoCal late last night, Agent 001 was heading home when something interesting happened.

He struck gold.

Spy Shots Spring 2018

While driving along his merry way, he rolled up on something very interesting. And if you've been keeping abreast of our latest collection of spy shots, you may recognize it. That's because it's the all-new Audi Q8.

001 tells me that several things stuck out to him. Chiefly, it's about the size of a current-gen BMW X5. Secondly, it seems that the all-new Q8 may be benefiting from all-new lighting technology both on the exterior and interior.

As you can see, the exterior lighting — especially the lighting strip on the rear end — is far more bright than we've seen before. And on the interior, you'll note the ambient lighting is also very precise and brighter than before. So much so it even shines through the rear window, which has been wrapped with the swirly number. Could Audi be using OLED technology all over the all-new Q8?

All that said, check out 001's snaps below and let us know what you think.

Spy Shots Spring 2018

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