It's with a rather sad note that I bring to you some truly dreadful news. It hits a little close to home as it impacts a local community in my neck of the woods.

This morning, a Paramus schoolbus traveling en convoy to a park for a fifth grade class field trip wound up getting into an accident on Interstate 80 in Mount Olive, New Jersey. Although it's not clear how events unfolded at the time of this writing, what we do know is that a dump truck was involved in the collision with the schoolbus.

The impact was severe enough that the bus' body separated from the chassis and then promptly landed on the median, on its side, which came to a rest against two guardrails. One student and one teacher perished in the crash.

According to reports some of the injured were undergoing surgery and in critical condition although some of the victims were able to leave the hospital today. Our thoughts are with the family of the deceased and the Agents are hoping the injured make a speedy recovery.

A much-anticipated class adventure to a historic park became a nightmarish, deadly ride for Paramus fifth-graders Thursday when their school bus and a dump truck collided on Route 80 in western Morris County, killing one student and a teacher and injuring 43 others.

The teacher who died was identified by a family member Thursday night as Jennifer Marie Williamson, a veteran teacher of more than 20 years, according to state records. She was a fifth-grade teacher, according to the East Brook Middle School website.

Family members gathered Thursday night at her Paramus home, where a man who said he was her nephew confirmed her death.

The impact pushed the bus into guardrails and tore its body clear off its chassis, which remained at a right angle across the road, and twisted its front end into a yellow tangle of metal...

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NJ Schoolbus Crash Leaves Two Dead, 40+ Injured And Closes I-80

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