I am not sure about you, boys and girls, but I wasn't exactly dialed in to the coverage detailing everything about the Royal Wedding. While I don't wish any ills towards Meghan Markle or Prince Harry, I simply don't care about their big day.

Maybe it's just a cultural, British thing?

Anyway, what I did find interesting was the use of a Jaguar E-Type driven by Harry to the location of their soirée. But, as you would suspect, it wasn't your ordinary E-Type.

That's because it was borrowed for the special day. Lent from Jaguar, the specific vehicle was the E-Type Zero. This particular model replaces the gasoline-fed powertrain with an electric one.

Originally, the E-Type Zero was showed at a 2017 Tech Fest and Jaguar would be happy to sell you one should you so desire. The price? $470,000-475,000 USD.

There's no question that the E-Type is one of the prettiest drop top vehicles ever made ,but I can't help being reminded of Austin Powers with the Union Jack livery every time I see one.

Prince Harry took his wife Meghan Markle out for a spin in an eco-friendly Jaguar that was hailed 'the most beautiful electric car in the world'.

The two left Windsor Castle in the light blue stunner as they headed to their reception at Frogmore House, a 17th-century venue in the grounds of Windsor Castle on Saturday evening.

The roadster, which is adapted from a 1968 version to include a zero emissions electric motor and plug-in battery, costs a cool £350,000.

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