Thursday night marked the beginning of the 2018 NBA finals. This meant Stephen Curry's Golden State Warriors were slated to take on LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Say what you will about the NBA. There's no question that both of these two teams are the best in the league right now. It only makes sense for them to square up and go to war.

Given the love for both teams and their respective star players, this led me to start questioning their latest endorsement deals. It's like you can't go anywhere without bumping into an ad featuring  one of the two players. As it relates to autos, both players have deals inked at the moment. Take, for example, LeBron James pitching Kia or how about Stephen Curry hawking Infinitis?

Point is, they're out there and making moves on behalf of automakers.

This got us thinking: Do celebrities actually SELL cars? And, who was the BEST and WORST at it?

Do Celebrities Actually SELL Cars? If So, Who Was The BEST And WORST At It?

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