It took Tesla almost two years, but the electric car maker is finally on the verge of releasing software Version 9. According to Elon Musk in a recent announcement on Twitter, Tesla would start rolling out firmware V9 in August. Musk also noted that the release of Version 9 would herald the release of the company’s first Full Self-Driving features.

Musk’s most recent announcement came as a response to one of his followers on Twitter, who asked about upcoming improvements to the driver-assist system’s lane merging capabilities. Responding to the inquiry, Musk stated that the latest version of Autopilot rolling out today already includes enhancements in the electric cars’ lane-keeping features. Musk added a little extra, however, stating that Tesla’s V9 software would include the introduction of the company’s first FSD features.

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Tesla On The Verge Of Making Autopilot A REAL Autopilot

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