Saturday morning I woke up bright and early. Not only did I have to get my VW a proper car wash — it's been a while — I also wanted to make sure that I gave the M2 some exercise.

I met up with my close friend and headed to one of the local coffee shops. The cool thing is there's always a couple of interesting vehicles there to check out. Take, for example, the first-gen Audi RS4 convertible, Audi RS5 convertible and McLaren 720S that made cameo appearances.

But as I was walking into the restaurant, I noticed something I had not really seen before. It was a different type of Harley. Called the Sportster Iron 883, it had a custom look and a slammed suspension that was sharp. Painted a metallic military green, it was rockin'.

And, funny enough, Agent 001 was driving a Ford Mustang GT in Harley Orange this weekend. Being familiar with that vehicle, its iconic nameplate and the rumble of its 5.0 V8 motor, I am thinking that it may be the closest thing to what a Harley is in the motorcycle world — an American icon.

Am I wrong?

What say you, Spies?

IF There Was An Equivalent Of A HARLEY In The Car Business, WHICH Make And Model Would It Be?

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