The automotive world is at a very interesting crossroads. Between product mixes shifting to mostly sport-utility vehicles and with electric vehicles becoming more popular thanks to Tesla — and no one else, really — it's a very fluid situation.

Even more dynamic is the situation at Tesla.

Coming off major production issues with the Model 3 sedan and a lot of negative press over the past couple of months, the company continues to soldier on. This week it was announced TSLA will be slashing its workforce by nine percent in the biggest cut since the company was conceived.

When you consider that its very accomplished CEO is getting emotional in shareholder meetings, one has to wonder how much longer he can take this on alongside SpaceX and his other endeavors. This guy is kind of like the LeBron James of entrepreneurs right now. He can't do much right at the moment.

Given that TSLA is in a pretty distressed situation, one has to think there's potential for an exit at this point. So, we've got to ask: If you were the skipper right now, who would YOU be considering an M&A deal with? Apple? Google? A Chinese manufacturer? Someone else? No deal.

What say you, Spies?

IF You Were In Elon Musk's Shoes And You Were Going To Do An M&A Deal, WHO Would You Sell To? Apple? Google? A Chinese Mfr.? Someone Else?

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