In the world of online, automotive video content, few people do it as good as Petrolicious. From the storytelling to the cinematography, it's just a big "Wow," every time I turn on their channel.

Well done.

Having said that, the channel just added an all-new video and it's a good one. In the lead up to Father's Day, which is celebrated Sunday, Petrolicious took a look at the story of a father and son restoration of a Porsche 356.

Found in a barn, the duo bought three cars to see what they had. The aforementioned 356 had all of the parts and the numbers matched. From there, it took about 800 hours to bring it to what you'll see in the clip.

Obviously, 800 hours is a significant investment of time; however, the end result is staggering. Having said that, I am curious: IF you had the chance to pick up a barn find and do a ground-up restoration, what would you LIKE for it to be in an ideal world?

Start dreaming, Spies!

Please turn on Closed Captions to enjoy this film in English.

This is the story of following a trail of gas into the a tractor barn. It is a story of a family legacy of mechanical inclination and a desire to learn from and build upon classic machines. A story of a father and son taking seven long years to transform a 356 shell and a box of parts into a car that reflects their histories and their personalities. The Auratium Green 356 A Type 2 is the culmination of more than just the hundreds of hours of patient toiling that went into its resurrection, for it represents the passing down of talents and a way of living and approaching material objects with a calculated but still very human touch. It is one thing to understand how it all works, another to to fall in love with the act of making it happen.

VIDEO: If YOU Were To RESTORE A Barn Find, WHICH Make And Model Would It Be?

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