Although I know that AutoSpies is an enthusiast-oriented destination, it seems that there's quite a bit of budding excitement surrounding the future. When isn't there a buzz about what's coming in the next five or 10 years?

I think many are still wondering where their flying car is.

A big topic for the past year or so has been autonomous vehicles. While we're at the very nascent stages of its development and how its legislated, it seems that some are eagerly anticipating the day a fully autonomous vehicle can shuttle them to their destination.

Another group of folks are afraid of what this means for the future of driving. With some prophesizing the end of people controlling an automobile once it's determined that computers can pilot vehicles more effectively and without incidents, it sounds like a doomsday scenario for those with gasoline pumping through their veins.

So, I've got to ask: Are YOU ready to embrace self-driving vehicles OR are you ready for a fight?

...Musk previously said that the capacity of Tesla’s Autopilot would start to differentiate between the Enhanced Autopilot and Full Self-Driving Capability packages at some point last year.

That didn’t happen as Autopilot development started to fall behind schedule, but it now looks like it should start to be the case starting with Tesla’s Version 9.0 software update to be released in August, according to Musk.

Tesla already started releasing some significant improvements to Autopilot 2.0 this year – starting with a full rewrite of the system’s neural net released last March and another important update started being pushed to the fleet last week...

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Are YOU Ready To Embrace Self-driving Vehicles And Give Up Your Keys OR Are They Going To Have To Pry Them Out Of Your Cold, Dead Hands?

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