Yesterday marked the beginning of a new chapter for BMW as it unveiled the highly anticipated 8-Series. As a big body coupe, these are cars that BMW does best.

Think back to the 3.0 CS, the 1980s 6-Series and first-gen 8-Series. These are all vehicles that stood out from the pack and were lust worthy. More importantly, however, they were game changers.

BMW 8-Series

I can ignore the fact the all-new 8-Series' name is ridiculous. M850i xDrive. Not too long ago this would have simply been called an 850Xi and that's it. Clearly, marketing has gotten out of control.

What I can't ignore, however, is the lacking design. As I previously mentioned, I was expecting a groundbreaking look from this product. Named as an 8 it is, more or less, a halo car. The original 8-Series was a 1990s icon — equipped with pop up headlights, a narrow and tiny kidney grille and sans B-Pillar, it was risk taking and a breath of fresh air. The Z8 came about at the height of the retro craze, was a throwback to the legendary 507, and featured one of the best V8s the blue and white ever produced. The latest is the i8, which ushered in an all-new era of electrification and took design elements from the M1 Hommage.

The all-new 8? The only thing I think when I look at it — inside and out — is "Cool 6-Series, bro."

Having said that, the prototype drives were telling. Most of them said the same thing. It has amazing driving dynamics. This is a BMW calling card but, to me, it is critical that the vehicle's design has some cachet to it. And while the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe is a bit long in the tooth, I can't imagine wanting this 8'er over an S560 Coupe at the present time.

So, Spies, I've got to ask: Is the all-new 8-Series a swing and a MISS? Did BMW MISS an opportunity to deliver a magical, groundbreaking product but brought forth a bland design?

BMW 8-Series

A Swing And A MISS? Has BMW Left Behind Its Magic With The Design Of The All-new 8-Series?

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