Now, I must admit. While I do fully appreciate McLaren's automobiles, I haven't exactly been fully subscribed to the Sport Series models.

Or, as anyone else would know them by, the 570 cars. That includes the 570S and the 570GT.

They drive brilliantly. No one can take that away from them. The mid-engine setup, low center of gravity and carbon fiber tub ensure you're going to have an experience certainly more rewarding than what you'll get out of, say, a Lamborghini Huracan or Audi R8.

To me though there's just a certain something missing from the equation. Perhaps the all-new 600LT will remedy that.

Set to be the more hardcore, track-focused sibling, think of it akin to how the 650S was joined by the 675LT. It'll feature far more aggressive aerodynamic treatments, an exhaust that exits straight from the motor and out of the top of the rear bonnet, more power and less weight thanks to a diet.

Snapped for the first time out on the road, our friends at Autocar get props for capturing this beast in the wild. According to reports, the all-new 600LT is expected to launch next week on June 28 at Goodwood.

The upcoming McLaren 600LT, a hardcore version of the 570S that forms part of the firm's entry-level Sports Series, has been caught on camera for the first time six days before its reveal.

The sighting shows that the model, which will be revealed on 28 June, will follow suit of the 675LT and recieve a 'long tail' (hence the name) to enhance aerodynamics. This change harks back to the McLaren F1 GTR 'long tail' that was produced for endurance racing in 1997.

Along with a modified body, the 600LT will use a more potent version of the 570S's 3.8-litre twin-turbocharged V8 producing 592bhp (600PS) and breathing through a lighter and less restrictive exhaust system...

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SPIED: DETAILED Spy Shots Of The All-new McLaren 600LT, Just LOOK At This BEAST!

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