Tonight, I found myself driving an Audi SQ5, which is the flavor of the week. And, like most luxury/performance vehicles on offer today, it has a handful of selectable driving modes.

Unlike some automakers, switching between Comfort and Dynamic results in a major difference.

That's because the throttle gets sharper, the vehicle gets noisier, the suspension tightens and the SQ5 lowers itself into place via the air ride. It's all pretty dramatic, actually. While I've been experimenting this week, one thing I've noticed is that I tend to, more often than not, find myself in Dynamic mode over Comfort.

For me, in this vehicle, I just find the overall experience to be more rewarding with more lively driving dynamics. However, I know that we're not all the same in this regard.

So, I've got to ask: On your daily commute or drive, WHICH driving mode do YOU find yourself selecting? Are YOU built for comfort or speed?

Are YOU Built For COMFORT or SPEED? What's MORE Critical In Your Daily Drive?

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