Ever since I set foot in Cobo Hall, it's been a lurking issue. For years, the Detroit Auto Show (NAIAS) has been dwindling in its importance.

And with the digital transformation in full force, mobile phones and virtual reality taking center stage, it almost seems like the traditional auto show is irrelevant. Plus, with smaller private launches, automakers don't have to fight for attention.

They've already got their megaphone bought and paid for thanks to the majority of the media that's in their back pocket. No need to worry about amplifying the message. So, now what?

According to reports we'll get an answer on the big move that's set for 2020. Either the NAIAS will take place in June or October.

But rather than fret over which month the event happens in, we're curious in another matter. Now that the Detroit Auto Show is leaving January behind, does that essentially provide the New York Auto Show (NYIAS) with the crown of U.S.-based auto shows?

By having the NAIAS event in January, it essentially was timed so that Detroit could at least "have a jump" on the big Geneva Motor Show (GIMS) and New York. Now, if NAIAS gets pushed to the summertime or, even worse, October then what will it become? THINK: You've got Paris, Detroit and then the Los Angeles Auto Show in tight succession.

So, I've got to wonder: Is New York the BIG winner in all of this? What say you, Spies?

The Detroit auto show will move to June or October starting in 2020 as show leadership completes a months-long assessment of a date change.

The Detroit Auto Dealers Association — the organization that puts on the North American International Auto Show — plans to announce next month the date change for the annual show. The Detroit News has previously reported event leadership was considering a shift to October, but in recent months leadership was also considering June.

Max Muncey, North American International Auto Show spokesman, told The News Thursday that DADA has come to a final decision and an announcement is scheduled for July 24...

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With The Detroit Auto Show DEFINITELY Vacating January, Has The NAIAS Leaders Handed The Auto Show Championship Crown To The NYIAS?

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