In the world of autos, there's more than one manufacturer doing some amazing work with vintage vehicles. Right now I am willing to bet that 90 percent of enthusiasts immediately think of Singer when the words "retro mod" are ushered.

But, what about that other 10 percent?

I'll tell you what those other folks are thinking of. A small company called ICON that does some incredible work when it comes to vintage rides. While its style is far more interesting than Singer's I have to say that the founder's vision, Jonathan Ward, is second to none.

To see exactly what I am talking about, just scope out this video of ICON's latest project: The Old School BR, which is based on the vintage Bronco. Equipped with a lot of unique bits and baubles, the thing that really sets this Bronco apart is its Mustang GT-derived V8 as well as coilover suspension system and big brake kit.

Having said that, there is an all-new Bronco on the way. What would YOU do? Would you rather wait for the all-new Ford OR go with a custom ICON Old School BR?

According to reports the ICON version will take six months to build whereas the 2020 Bronco has yet to be seen, forget about open order banks.

Check out our newest member of the ICON Family, the Old School BR. Designed to be more under the radar than our established New School model. Same engineering, wrapped in a decidedly more vintage package!

Who'd You Rather? Would You Rather Wait For The All-new Ford Bronco Or Take Home This ICON Bronco

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