I am pretty sure ever since AutoSpies was brought to life there's been a several key areas that truly matter to the Agents: 1) Spy shots; 2) The quality of our photos; and, 3) Colors/specifications. We just love to understand what people like, what trends are around the corner and what specs are piquing buyer's interest.

Given this focus, Agent 001 and I spend a lot of time chewing the fat about colors and specifications. We're the kinda guys that can talk about carbon fiber-backed seats for an hour and debate it back and forth. For the record, give me the carbon fiber-backed seats. Except Lamborghini's — they suck.

It was just today that 001 spotted this uniquely painted Porsche 911 in San Diego. While I'll leave it to YOU to guess the color, this started another one of our famous conversations. This resulted in tonight's story.

So, we're curious, Spies: When you buy a FUN ride, do YOU go for the STANDOUT color, or do you play it safe for resale value and go with a CLASSIC hue?

What's it going to be, Spies?

When You Buy A FUN Ride, Do YOU Opt For The STANDOUT Color Or Play It Safe And Go CLASSIC?

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