In recent days, most of the US has been engulfed in a bit of a heat wave. The New York Tri-State region is currently dealing with 95-degree plus temperatures during the day and immense humidity.

In other words, it's perfect weather to be near water. That could be a pool, but ideally it's more like a beach or lake. And what better way to soak up the sun than enjoying some great food and drinks with friends on a boat? It is boating season, after all.

The Rides of Summer

But, AutoSpies is not a boating website.

Given that, we wanted to see: WHICH land yachts over the years have been your favorites and which "boats" will you be piloting this summer? Weigh in below, Spies!

The Rides of Summer

Summer Is Here, Which Means It's BOATING Season — WHICH Land Yacht Are You Picking For Cruisin' Duty?

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