In recent years, automakers have been trying to change the way we interact with our automobiles. As you'd expect, there's a good reason for this.

Simply put: Infotainment systems have always delivered a pretty weak user experience as this isn't manufacturer's strong suit.

This has led to the development of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Essentially, the days of interacting with an automaker's clunky software are over. Now you can have a universal experience that's essentially as simple as using your phone. In addition, there's added functionality that really complement your mobile device.

Take, for example, easier ability to send/receive text messages thanks to the use of your voice and Siri.

All that said, we were curious: Do YOU use Android Auto or Apple CarPlay or is this technology LOST on YOU?

Are YOU An Android Auto/Apple CarPlay User OR Does This Infotainment Function NOT Matter To YOU?

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