An all-new report coming from Reuters definitely deserves your attention whether you're investing in Tesla, waiting on a Model 3 or are simply a fan of the American electric vehicle manufacturer. That's because it paints a rather stressful situation at TSLA.

That's because it sounds like Elon Musk's company is still in "production hell." Quite literally.

According to the report, some highlights include the following: Musk expressing frustration with his engineers as challenges crop up on the production line, all-new schedules for workers, halting production on the Model S and Model X lines, and all-new expectations placed upon the workers of the Fremont factory.

If the Reuters report is accurate, this is a bit jarring. Simply put, it sounds like the Fremont factory is a bit of a powder keg type of situation right now and all it needs is an ignition source to light this baby up. I mean, it is July 4th, right?

So, this leaves me wondering: Can Tesla keep up this pace of Model 3 production OR is this a potential disaster in the making?

What say you, Spies?

Chief Executive Elon Musk barked at engineers on the Fremont, California assembly line. Tesla Inc tapped workers from other departments to keep pumping out the Model 3 electric sedans, disrupting production of the Model S and X lines. And weekend shifts were mandatory.

Tesla pulled out all the stops in the final week of June to meet its goal of making 5,000 Model 3s in a week, according to employees who spoke to Reuters. The sedan is essential to put money-losing Tesla on a path to profitability and prove that the electric car company can master mass production.

Whether Tesla can do it week in and week out - and without relying on overtime and extra hands - is another question, and one that weighed on investors...

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Tesla Is Producing 5k Model 3's/Week Now, BUT Can It Continue At This Rate? New Report Leaves Us Wondering...

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