If there's one thing we love here at AutoSpies, it's owners. Aspirational enthusiasts are great and all, but there's a difference from someone has who actually has owned a vehicle for years and has been around the block.

That's because they can speak to the reality of owning a vehicle. And whether we're talking about an exotic, a high-performance vehicle or anything vintage, it matters.

A friend of AutoSpies, one of our favorite commentators and all around good guys is Mike Musto. That's because he's no BS and tells the story as it is. In a space where that's not always the case, he's a gem. Also, he's just so damn cool.

We've known Mike for years are a hardcore American muscle car enthusiast. But he's just written a post for Hagerty detailing his latest acquisition, a Porsche 928.

It's a great read because it crystallizes everything about buying a used performance vehicle. And, he spells out for readers the mindset you need to have. But, enough of my rambling. Check out Mike's piece by clicking the link below.

When you’ve wanted something for more than 35 years, you tend to do your research. You follow market values, trends, and more importantly, the ownership experience of others until ultimately, you make a decision.

As a muscle car guy, I like V-8 engines. I like the rumpety-rump noise they make at idle and the sound of a bald eagles getting shot out of a cannon when you hit the throttle. That’s why when it came to Porsche, there was only one model that ever appealed to me—the 928, Porsche’s grand touring super coupe that was built from 1977–95.

Now let’s get one thing straight. I have never wanted nor aspired to get a 911. Are they nice? Sure. But they never put the sauerkraut on my sausage, if you catch my drift. The 928 is another story...

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