This past week, a member of Ford's European leadership team mocked Tesla's latest milestone — hitting 5,000 Model 3's produced in a week. This is a moment that many have been waiting for; however, according to reports it was only accomplished under great duress.

After Tesla's Elon Musk likened Ford's operations to that of a morgue, Ford has fired back not once but twice now.

It kind of reminds me of the pissing match between President Donald Trump and North Korea's Kim Jong Un going back and forth with nuclear button talk.

But, there could be a greater point here: Is Ford just not getting it? I mean, in its first response it talked about how many F-150s come off the production line, which seems to be a rather silly comparison. Also, who's Musk to judge anyone's operations? Honestly, it's pretty pathetic to have to resort to erecting a 200-yard tent in order to meet your goals. I understand the "get things done at all costs" mentality but are they shipping a game changing great electric vehicle or a minimum viable product (MVP)? If my chief engineer just packed his bags and I was in a distressed financial situation, I don't think I'd be throwing stones in my glass house.

So, what say YOU, Spies? Is Ford onto something? Is Musk making sense? Whose side are YOU on?

Tesla’s latest production milestone has been surprisingly controversial. Tesla employees and enthusiasts have been celebrating it while Wall Street is doubting the significance of it.

Ford is adding itself to the conversation by somewhat mocking Tesla’s Model 3 production achievement by comparing it with its own manufacturing capacity.

Are they looking at it the right way...



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SHOTS FIRED! Ford Exec MOCKS Tesla Hitting Model 3 Production Milestone — Are They Onto Something Or Is This A BAD Look For F?

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