As Agent 001 and I have been as a part of the automotive community for nearly a combined 30 years, we've made quite a few acquaintances in this space. And we've seen the good, the bad and the downright shameful.

At this point, there's only a few things we cannot seem to wrap our heads around. Others we've just chosen to accept.

In an industry rife with shrimp gobblers, what do you expect?

One of those things we can't seem to understand is the undying love from auto journalists/writers over station wagons. In brown.

No matter what make or model, the end result is the same. It could be the biggest hunk of sh!t and it, frankly, wouldn't matter. Considering that the buying public has made its opinion clear — give us our SUVs now, damn it — it's stunning to see writers sticking to their guns on wagons.

So, I've got to ask: Are these car writers who wax 24/7 about how station wagons are better picks over SUVs the same as those thinking print is the way of the future?

Are Car Writers Who Wax 24/7 Over How Station Wagons Are Smarter Than SUVs The SAME As Those Thinking Print Is The Future?

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