One thing I love about going to my BMW dealer, BMW of Manhattan, is its service department. Not only is it run like a finely tuned ballet, there's always something interesting there.

One time it was a BMW i8 that looked like it was inspired by the previous art cars from BMW's past.

Another time it was a mint Z8 that was just having its annual service done.

And another time there was a right-hand drive E38 7-Series. But, it wasn't just an ordinary E38, it was an Alpina B12.

BMW of Manhattan's like a box of chocolates — you never know what you're gonna get.

On my most recent visit for my car's annual there was something I've never actually seen before. And it's always exciting to see a ride in the flesh that I haven't spotted before. This time it was a freshly imported Z1. Known for being the BMW Z car that restarted the German company's roadster ambitions, the Z1 was never sold in the States. Noted for its power doors that slide down to allow for entry, it's unlike anything ever offered before or after.

After seeing it, I found myself wondering: How many folks would EVER import an oddball car that was NEVER offered to the U.S. market? Would YOU? If so, WHICH model and WHY?

Would You EVER Import An Oddball Car That Was NEVER Sold To The U.S. Market?

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