A vehicle that's been hotly anticipated is the all-new Toyota Supra. There's just one problem: It seems to be taking notes from the Lexus LFA.

That translates into a super long development time, a luke warm reveal and then a bit of irrelevance when it eventually reaches the market. From what we've been hearing, it seems like the all-new Supra is going to NAIL that trajectory.

And that's a shame. Because, like the LFA, it may be an amazing product that won't get its fair shot.

Having said that, today marked the first time the vehicle has been seen in action. Of course, Toyota couldn't just show us the damn thing and it's wrapped in camouflage, but you get the idea. Given this appears to be the Supra's first run up the hill at Goodwood, it isn't exactly pushing the limits.

That said, are you bummed about this? Were you expecting more?

The Toyota A90 – or the new Toyota Supra – made it's world debut at the Goodwood Festival of speed. This is the first Supra since the '90s and the world has been waiting for years for it to arrive

VIDEO: The All-new Toyota Supra Does Its FIRST Run At The Goodwood Festival Of Speed — Were You Hoping For MORE?

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