...We run on into the darkness, our convoy moving further north into Scotland, headlights flicking over the fast crests and dips that run through the evergreens. It's an intense journey, the brief respite of a T-junction broken when the sat-nav instructs us to follow the road for 39 more miles. I laugh out loud. Thirty nine more miles of this? In these cars? Oh, go on then.

The McLaren 570S blends analogue feedback with digital performance to deliver an experience that's rewarding and challenging in equal measure. It's a bargain in this rarefied market, and there's mischievous black-sheep provocation in owning an Audi with rear-wheel drive, too. That neither the R8 nor its stunning, turbo-free V10 are long for this world lends the RWS still greater appeal. You might also feel more reassured that it's a supercar you can service at your local Audi dealer. On a great stretch of road, and judged on driving dynamics alone, the McLaren is ultimately the more capable car. But the Audi R8 RWS represents something so unique and so unlikely to be repeated that it's the car I'd buy.

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CAR WARS! Mid-engine And Rear-wheel Drive, WHICH Supercar Would You Have? McLaren 570S vs. Audi R8 RWS

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