As you know there are some really great automotive events that happen throughout the year. You know, because we cover most of them.

But they can't all be winners. And we think we've found the one we can label as the LAMEST auto event of the year.

And the winner is...drumroll please...FORMULA-E!

Here is a little backgrounder if you're not familiar with it...

"For the second year running, the ABB FIA Formula E Championship returns to Red Hook, Brooklyn for the double-header season finale 2018 Qatar Airways New York City E-Prix, on July 14 & 15.

With two races taking place back to back, all 10 teams and 20 drivers will battle it out against the backdrop of the iconic Manhattan skyline and the Statue of Liberty. What for? In a bid to be crowned this season's Formula E champion.

Opening the doors to the E-Prix at 07:00, make sure you come down early to enjoy all Formula E has to offer. The first grandstand ticket holders who make it to their seats will be in with the chance of receiving a complimentary Hugo Boss cap."

We might ask as well are all men attending required to have long beards, tight, cuffed jeans with no socks in leather shoes?

Is there a special 'Hipster' VIP area? Meat-free zones? Dedicated areas to begin your 'cleanse'? Special seating areas with a direct view to Dumbo House?

Will Hillary be singing the National Anthem?

Ok, now we're just having some fun and being wise-asses. It's Friday!

But you get where we're coming from.

We're still trying to figure out why anyone would want to even attend.

But we'll give you the chance to see if you can out do us and name another auto event that is MORE lame than our choice for 2018.

Spies, discuss...

We Name The LAMEST Auto Event Of 2018. Can You Guess What It Is?

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