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If you've been looking to get into an all-new Lexus LC, well, then now is likely a good time to act. That's because reports have surfaced that Lexus has put some cash on the hood of all LC models.

To be more specific, $5,000 for those looking to buy and $4,000 for those looking to lease.

This is not being advertised and has been revealed according to CarsDirect through incentive bulletins. The incentive for dealers ends on July 31.

So, if you've been Jonesing for an all-new LC, you may want to pick up the phone and ring a few dealers up to see who's ready to play ball.

...Earlier this month, Lexus increased rebates on most models, in some cases tripling June offers. At the same time, incentive bulletins show the brand quietly rolled out a new dealer cash incentive on all versions of the LC.

You won't see it advertised, but the brand is giving dealers up to $5,000 to help lower prices for those looking to buy. That's a smidge higher than the $4,000 Lexus is offering toward leases...

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Remember, Spy BEFORE You Buy! IF You Want A Lexus LC, You Should ACT Before July 31...

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