We at Auto Spies are fortunate and blessed in many ways. Because over the last sixteen years we've driven and owned some pretty amazing vehicles.

So if you're a car lover like us you know that even though there are many good rides out there, only a handful or two out there has the power to be unforgettable.

Like an amazing partner that you become obsessed with because the way they do/did THEIR thing, was unlike anyone else.

As the weekend is upon us, I find as I'm out there on my pleasure drives detoxing from the work week, is when those memories come back to the forefront of my mind.

Thinking about how amazing the times were I had driving them. And the happiness they brought me.

So tell us, WHICH over the last few years have had the ability to do that to you and what made them so special to you?

I have a number of them but I'll start with three to get the ball rolling...these are not ranked in any order, just three from the many that make me yearn to drive them again or reminisce ...

2014-18 Audi RS7- 140MPH never felt so controlled and luxurious at the same time. And the body design to me is timeless.

Current Porsche Macan GTS- It's one sexy little stud. I could snuggle into that alcantara and put endless miles on one of those. It's not a smaller Cayenne, it's a bigger Cayman.

2015-Current Ford F-150 King Ranch 4x4 or Limited- If I had to go the rest of my life with one ride and it had to do it all and transport my family in style this would be my pick.

Tesla Model S- KIDDING!! Great looking exterior but it does NOTHING for me.

Ok Spies, YOUR turn! Discuss! And drive safe and enjoy the weekend!

Which Car Or Truck Did You Test Drive Or Own That Was SO Good, You CANNOT Get It Out Of Your Mind?

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